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The Original Pancake House
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The Original Pancake House Remodel



We are very excited about our remodel at the OPH. Unfortunately we will have to close one day in order to complete our floors. That day will be this coming MONDAY, November the 14th. 


If you were planning to come in to dine with us that day, we apologize for the inconvenience and request that you reschedule for another day.  


We are planning for that to be the only day that we have to close and are also planning to have the entire remodel complete before the week of Thanksgiving. Not a lot is changing, but you will notice a fresh new look with repainted walls and a polished floor. Some of you may also notice a new high black ceiling in the main dining room. That ceiling will mean one truly awesome thing for all of us and that is a COOL dining experience next summer. YES!! We know our loyal customers come to us for the food and not the atmosphere, but we also know many of you have put up with it being way too hot in the restaurant over the summer months. So this ceiling will improve your dining experience. We are also adding some padding to our hard wooden booths. 


This January will be ten years that we have been in this Alpharetta location. We owe this remodel to our regular clientele that has supported us the entire time and we look forward to providing a better dining experience for our new customers as well. Lastly look forward to being served your coffee in our Deneen Mugs as this remodel is complete. These mugs are truly amazing! Every single one is unique and hand made. They hold the heat of your coffee, are freezer, and microwave safe. We sell them for $17.00 each. We absolutely love them and are excited for our customers to be served their coffee out of them very soon. 



We appreciate our customers, and we apologize for the appearance of the restaurant while this remodel is underway. Don’t forget we will only be closed one day 11/14/16.



Thank you for your understanding, cooperation, and your business!

The Original Pancake House To-Go Order Policy

The Original Pancake House To-Go Order Policy


Here at The Original Pancake House we take a lot of pride in our product.  This is not only The Original Pancake House way that has been expected out of every franchisee since 1953, but it is also our personal passion here at the Alpharetta location. We are not a big corporate operation with a headquarters three states away. We are a small, single restaurant, family run operation with only one phone line that rings at our front desk and in our office. We are proud to call ourselves an Original Pancake House franchisee and therefore gladly pay the royalty to do so. We respectfully follow the franchise rules and make our own policies, for this particular restaurant, that we feel holds to the OPH standard. 


Our policy on To-Go orders is that they will not be available at times that we are on a waiting line.  At the times that we have enough customers willing to dine with us that there is a wait to be seated, which is typically a period of hours on the weekends and some holidays, to-go orders will not be available. 


Some restaurants have a to-go window or a separate to-go entrance and a designated to-go staff, phone line, and even a designated to-go menu. We don't have those things and are not interested in doing things that way. We hand crack every single egg that is cooked to order and flip every single (made from scratch) pancake to order. Therefore; in order to cook a to-go ticket while we are on a waiting line, we would have to put that order ahead of everyone that is waiting in our lobby and this is just not fair. Everyone that is in our waiting line would have to wait that much longer for us to cook the to-go orders that were put ahead of them.  So to us, it is not about losing the to-go sale, but rather holding to the standard of our “first come first serve policy” for our customers that are waiting to dine with us.


We appreciate our loyal customers, and we realize that our customers are willing to wait in line to eat with us knowing that we do things as fast and efficiently as possible, without, compromising the quality of our product; therefore, we are limiting to-go orders to weekdays and times, within our business hours, on weekends and holidays that we do not have customers waiting in line to be seated. 



Thank you for your understanding, cooperation, and your business!

Fasten your pink ribbon, you’re in for a great surprise!




Reminder: We are now selling our delicious Pumpkin Pancakes until Thanksgiving. They are only here for a LIMITED time, so come in as much as you can before these scrumptious pancakes are gone for another whole year! 




Don’t forget we are still selling our Halloween Mugs.  






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